Fortnite XP Daily Summary

Fortnite's Chapter 3, Season 2 runs March 20, 2022 through June 3, 2022.
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Pace Level is today.

How to Earn XP

If your goal is to earn experience (XP or EXP) points in Fortnite: Battle Royale, there are a few basic strategies you might consider, from what I think are best to worst:
  1. Play or Idle in Creative Mode for at least 75 minutes (60,000 XP/day)
  2. Complete your Daily Bonus Goal each day (48,000 XP/day)
  3. Complete Season Quests and Bonus Goals (20,000 XP/quest & 40,000 XP/goal)
  4. Complete Milestone Quests and Bonus Goals (7,000 XP/quest & 15,000 XP/goal)
  5. Play game modes like Team Rumble where you can eliminate a lot of opponents and open a lot of chests with guaranteed spawn rates.
  6. Open all items and pick up all foragable items you come across (small amounts of XP add up)
  7. Play Imposters (5,000-10,000+ XP/game)
  8. Play any Creative Map with XP Accolades (100k-200k XP/day)
  9. Play Save The World (600,000 XP/day)

Sources of Experience Points (XP)

Here are more details on each of the major sources of XP:

Creative Mode XP

Idling in Creative Mode no longer earns XP every fifteen minutes. You do however earn XP for accolades in Creative games, mentioned below.


Quests are the main way players will earn free in-game cosmetics and XP.
The following are only available in the Team Rumble and Battle Royale game modes (Solo, Duos, Trios, Squads):

General Gameplay

Opening chests, ammo boxes, freezers, safes, llamas, drops award XP.
Collecting foraged items awards XP.
Eliminating players and other in-game activities will all assign XP.

Enjoy the game and the XP will follow :)

Impostors Game Mode

A first-person version of Among Us, this game mode consistently awards roughly 5,000-10,000 XP per game, depending how many tasks you complete and whether you win. If you do join this game mode with aim of earning XP rather than actually playing, be courteous to other players and make sure you at least Skip your votes promptly so as not to ruin the game.

Creative XP Accolades

Creative Mode maps can feature "accolades", in-game events or achievements which reward players with XP.
This is lower in the list because the XP awarded varies wildly. You can find videos online advertising "creative xp glitches", but the current reality is that they will generally earn meager amounts of XP for the effort, and can be very inconsistent. The game adjusts XP awarded dynamically, based on how fast you're earning, to discourage abusing the mechanic.
Your time is better spent simply playing the game and earning Creative XP along the way, rather than specifically targeting this approach to XP grinding.

Save The World

The Save The World game mode features lower in the list, because it requires players to have bought it separately.
That being said, you can earn XP in Save The World mode which is counted toward Battle Royale and the Battle Pass. There is a daily limit in the range of 600k XP, so this is worth looking into.
It is possible to achieve AFK farming here if you are sufficiently far along ingame, using the Endurance mode.

Supercharged XP (Meh)

This doesn't award extra XP so much as it catches you up on a little bit of the XP you missed by not playing the day before.

If you didn't complete all of your Daily Punchcard from the day before you may notice your XP bar glowing gold and labelled SUPERCHARGED XP. The idea is that supercharged status grants a 5x multiplier on any XP earned, up until you earn what used to be 30,000 XP. It's not clear what the current Supercharged XP limit is but it is likely below what could be earned doing the Daily Quests from the day before.

It's a way for you to skip a day or more of Eat-Sleep-Fortnite (seriously, go outside) and still keep up a bit of your leveling pace.

Teammate XP Boost

This is no longer a thing in Battle Royale.

Good Luck!